martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

A party for children marked the end of the summer in Radio Florida station

A big party for the children from Florida took place last Saturday in Radio Florida when the program “Rf en el dial” from this station convoked the kids from this territory to finish a section this program broadcasted for them on July and August and where they showed all their knowledges about music and other interesting topics.

Guided by Maribel Nogueira Urrelys, presenter of this program, the children who assisted to this station on July and August sang songs of recognized Cuban singers and recited poems written by Jose Marti, Nicolas Guillen and other important poets.

As part of the will of the producers and artists from this media in order to take the programming towards the community and to exchange with the audience, this activity was also a propitious moment to recognized the labour developed by some people and institutions in the cultural enrichment and formation of the new generations.

In this way, Radio Florida was also part of the activities celebrated in this municiplaity for the end of the summer 2010 with a party in which predominated the songs, dance and the children smiles.

martes, 7 de abril de 2009

Vilma is in the combat dressed in guerrilla

By Reinier Barrios Mesa

Many people said that April is the flowers month and precisely in this month was born one of the most authentic women of the Cuban history, who always was full of tenderness, affection and will.

Vilma Espin Guillot was born on April 7th, 1930 and from that date on her star shone so much like the stars from her Santiago; when she was a child she sang in the choirs from her school and when she was a young woman she participated in the different student protests that took place in the Santiago university, where Vilma consolidated her political and revolutionary maturity.

She went to the Sierra Maestra in the middle of those struggle times taking messages, fighting as any man and she fell in love of Raul Castro, to whom Vilma always had an smile in spite of that the time was not enough to attend the house, the family and the children.

She was the Vilma of all the Cuban women, who fought in the parliament, who participated in all the congresses and events where she work to unite wills and to look for the respect and the tolerance for whom were and are different people.

We dismiss Vilma of the life some time ago, but nowadays she continues in the combat, dressed in guerrilla because not even the death, the caprices and not even the time can extinguished the tremendous shine of this star that her tenderness was.

viernes, 6 de marzo de 2009

The municipal radio festival left good experiences

By Reinier Barrios Mesa

The municipal radio festival that recently ended in Florida was an opportunity of meeting between the people who make radio and its listeners; a moment to improve the work, precisely in this year when this station arrives to its 40 anniversary.

During three days, the workers from Radio Florida station developed debates about the role of the consultancy in the radio as a guarantee to obtain a higher efficiency in the programming; the importance to apply the results of the researches made about the audience levels and other important topics.

The participation of a significant number of programs proved the will of the artist from this station to participate in events like this. The works presented by the journalists in this festival showed the spirit of them to fulfil the mission to reflect the reality using the criticism and the opinion.

For next editions to the municipal radio festival in Florida is necessary to think on the possibility to extend this event beyond the station in order to the audience may participate in the different activities.

Now, when the municipal radio festival in Florida is history, the people who work in its station have the commitment to put into practice all what we learned during this important event with the love we feel for an art that is sound, love and life.

miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009

Professors from Florida get ready for the event “University 2010”

By Reinier Barrios Mesa

The experiences acquired during the six years that the university education is applied in Florida will be tackled in each educational centers from this teaching when next march will be celebrated the event “University 2010”.

During these days in these centers are received the papers, researches and other pedagogical experiences that show the results of this process of a deep social transformation.

Topics such as the university extension, the use of the new technologies in favour to the teaching and the impact that these institutions provoke in the community are among the proposals will be presented.

“University 2010” is the most important event from the university education in the country, for this reason in Florida the professors from this teaching are getting ready to assure the quality of this event in this municipality, where this idea of Fidel Castro already shows significant results.

Among the works presented by the journalists from Radio News programs participate in the municipal radio festival in Florida

By Reinier Barrios Mesa

A significant representation of the journalist work from last year participates in the municipal radio festival; event that began this February 24th in Florida and that will finish next Friday 26th.

Florida are the testimony of Pedro Pablo Zaez Herrera about Gladys Ramirez, the mother of Rene Molina, a young man who died when the Cuban mission in Angola.

Among the proposals are also the information made by the experimented journalist Humberto Guevara that is about the birth of a lion in the municipal zoo; the advances obtained in a rural community from Florida after the Revolution triumph written by Francisco Sierra, while the chronic “Homage to Frank” and “Interview to Miriam” made by Yailen Diaz and Reinier Barrios, represent the young generation of journalists.

As a news programs also participate in this new edition of the radio festival in Florida the newsreel “ Acontecer” and an informative program that reflects the recovery labour after the passing of the hurricanes, while the program of social facilitation offers a critic analysis about the situation of the transportation in the territory.

sábado, 21 de febrero de 2009

The art instructor day: Homage to these dream makers

By Reinier Barrios Mesa

“Culture is shield and sword of the nation”: These words pronounced by Fidel Castro and that the Cuban people made yours 50 years ago, made possible that now we have the art as an essential component in the formation of the new generations and as a cuirasses to face the constant attacks of our enemies that wish to destroy the social project we build.

Culture also made possible the creation of the art instructors’ movement, an army integrated by young people

That in the first years of the Revolution climbed the mountains or went to the Zapata swamp or to the plains from Camagüey to teach the different artistic expressions.

The ideas battle gave new spirits to this Fidel’s idea and the schools located in each province formed and today continuing teaching an army of young people that integrate the brigade Jose Marti when they graduate.

From the schools, the old people home, the rural communities and other places, these art instructors build the dream of the new artists, impulse the art and receive grateful smiles because of their creator work.

The Cuban people congratulate the art instructors in their day because they know they were and are main characters of important moments in this present of victories and the best gift is the affection of the children, who consider them as real dream makers.

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

The pedagogical detachment “Manuel Ascunce Domenech” was created in Florida

By Reinier Barrios Mesa

With a deserve homage to Jose Marti, one of the highest teachers from Cuba, was created in Florida the detachment “Manuel Ascunce Domenech”, that now is integrated by the young people that study the first year of different pedagogical specialities.

The ceremony was celebrated in the secondary school “Lopez Recio Loynaz” where assisted leaders from the University students’ federation and principals from the municipal educational sector, who share with the young people the songs and poems that remembered the life and work of Jose Marti.

Johana Fundora Leyva, spoke in the name of all the members of this detachment and she explained the commitment that means for their lives the fact to assume the task of educate the new generations as well as she exhorted their mates to keep the discipline and the responsibility with the study and other missions assigned by the organization.

The more than 60 young people that began their studies in the pedagogical university from Florida and that now integrate the detachment “Manuel Ascunce Domenech” are already developing their practices in the different educational centers from the territory, where they work with the help of tutors to look for new strategies that make possible to assume the class as better as possible.